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The Spanish Missions in California

The Spanish Missions in California

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Are you looking for a great teaching unit on the Spanish Missions in California? This unit has everything you need to introduce your students to the background of California's missions.

This no-prep unit contains everything you need to cover the key features of this topic in an easy-to-understand way!

This product covers the following standards:

California History/Social Science Content Standard 4.2.4.

Describe the mapping of, geographic basis of, and economic factors in the placement and function of the Spanish missions; and understand how the mission system expanded the influence of Spain and Catholicism throughout New Spain and Latin America.

Our Product Includes

  • Warmup activity
  • PowerPoint format presentation (10 pp)
  • PDF format presentation (10 pp)
  • 2-3 page teacher background text to help you answer student questions
  • 1 page student nonfiction informational text
  • Guided notes activity
  • Reading comprehension activity based on the slide show and informational text
  • Assessment quiz based on the slide show and informational text
  • Includes answer keys for guided notes, reading comprehension activity and quiz
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