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Spanish Colonization of California

Spanish Colonization of California

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Are you looking for a great teaching unit on the Spanish Colonization of California? This unit has everything you need to introduce your students to Spain's settlements in California.

With this unit, your students will be engaged as they learn how to describe the Spanish exploration and colonization of California, including the relationships among soldiers, missionaries, and Indians.

This no-prep unit contains everything you need to cover the key features of this topic in an easy-to-understand way!

This product covers the following standard: 

  • California History/Social Science Content Standard 4.2.3

✨Our Product Includes✨

  • PowerPoint format presentation (10 pp)
  • PDF format presentation (10 pp)
  • 2-3 page teacher background text to help you answer student questions
  • 1 page student nonfiction informational text
  • Warmup activity
  • Guided notes activity
  • Reading comprehension activity based on the slide show and informational text
  • Assessment quiz based on the slide show and informational text
  • Includes answer keys for guided notes, reading comprehension activity and quiz
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